In order to purchase a Krypto Kronic®  NFT at floor price from our site, you will need to be set up first with a Phantom Wallet and purchase SOL. Below is a quick HOW TO guide to get you started as a SOL and Krypto Kronic® investor/stakeholder!

1. Buy SOL

Buy SOL from one of the exchanges listed below:

* You need to buy more than 1 SOL (1.05 SOL is safe) to cover the gas fee for minting later (described below)

U.S. based Buyers

Non-U.S. Buyers

2. Create your wallet

Choose a crypto-wallet of your choice to deposit SOL.

Click on the corresponding links to get instructions:

3. Transfer SOL from exchange to your wallet

Now that you have bought some SOL from the exchange and have created a wallet, it’s time to transfer SOL to your wallet

A. Find your wallet address

B. Transfer SOL to your wallet from the exchange where you bought SOL

* You need to send more than 1 SOL (1.05 SOL is safe) to cover the gas fee for minting

C. Check your SOL balance on your wallet

Make sure you have 1 SOL + gas fee (1.05 SOL is safe)  to be able to mint a SolChick


4. Mint a Krypto Kronic® NFT

A. Go to our “Mint Machine ” on NFT section website

B. Connect to your wallet

C. Select NFT Category and Purchase

D. Approve Transaction from your Wallet (1-1.5 SOL + gas fee)

The transaction may take up to 10 minutes


E. Verify your Krypto Kronic® NFT in your Wallet

Now you are ready