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Krypto Kronic™ is a Cannabis-themed NFT, Gaming and Marketplace project initially launching on the Solana platform. 
Our focus as Cannabis advocates is not only on cool art but to capture the educational and scientific/medicinal side of cannabis in our products. We look forward to creating pathways and solutions as a whole within the industry and are open to potential collaborations.


Our first Harvest will include a Pre-Sale of 10 original cards, animations and 3D Budz of some of our highest ranked Sativas and Indicas. 2 Days later we will harvest and mint 10,000 Randomized 3D Budz!


Use NFTs and receive incentives for a Network of games to be launched starting Q2 2022. Earn $TERP in Gaming Network


$TERP is the Krypto Kronic Network Currency for use in our Gaming Network and the real world Cannabis & Crypto Marketplace 


On a scientific expedition to the planet of Sandiva,10 native families of buds are kidnapped and brought back to earth where they are held captive by sinister corporations.  After decades of cloning and extraction experiments the buds wake up and realize it is their mission to break free from captivity and heal the world with their unique medicinal qualities.  One brave rogue bud discovers the ability to enter into virtual reality via the block chain and embarks on a mind altering adventure to enlist the help of humanity.  From mellow moods to mischievous mayhem, follow the epic tales of Krypto Kronicles!!

Krypto Kronic Supports the following Cannabis Causes

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