Krypto Kronic

Krypto Kronic

Harvest 1

Coming soon

November 11, 2021


Opening Night

Krypto Kronic™ is a Cannabis-themed NFT, Gaming and Marketplace project initially launching on the Solana platform. 
Our focus as Cannabis advocates is not only on cool art but to capture the educational and scientific/medicinal side of cannabis in our products. We look forward to creating pathways and solutions as a whole within the industry and are open to potential collaborations.


Our first Harvest will include a Pre-Sale of 10 original cards, animations and 3D Budz of some of our highest ranked Sativas and Indicas. 2 Days later we will harvest and mint 10,000 Randomized 3D Budz!


Use NFTs and receive incentives for a Network of games to be launched starting Q2 2022. Earn $TERP in Gaming Network


$TERP is the Krypto Kronic Network Currency for use in our Gaming Network and the real world Cannabis & Crypto Marketplace 


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